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LAPAGE v3.0 for Info Foundation v9/v10

Application Integrated Electronic Notification Solution

LAPAGE v3.0 is a unique Infor Application Integrated solution that interacts with your Infor System Foundation versions 9 and 10. LAPAGE allows your companies END USERS to take advantage of strongly defined electronic notification and paging rules for both your ERP's ONLINE and BATCH programs. Have you ever want to be notified when a critical PAYROL or MONTHEND batch application completes (or more importantly FAILS)? Want to know when a CHANGE is made to HR11 (ONLINE application) or a PR05 Deduction Code is DELETED? LAPAGE is the feature rich product that both delivers and empowers your end users!

LALOG v3.0 for Info Foundation v9/v10

Application Integrated Data Watchdog Solution

LALOG v3.0 is the ultimate king in data usage and statistical analysis. Its application ranges from providing HIPAA compliance, to being able to track what specific user changed data on form AC10 on Monday February 15, 2016 at 9:09am. Knowledge IS power and LALOG v3.0 puts the knowledge into your information technology professionals as well as power-end users. Going through an upgrade? LALOG v3.0 provides data for your project planning as to the 80/20 rule in developing a valid, thorough TEST PLAN.

LALOCK v3.0 for Info Foundation v9/v10

Application Integrated Data Watchdog Solution

LALOCK v3.0 is a powerful application integrated utility that AUGMENTS (doesn't replace Lawson Security). Using LALOCK, your administrators and power users, can instantly lock forms, applications, and function codes from end-users. The end users DONT even have to log out of the system (unless Infor's current deployment model). Have to run a PAYROL or MONTHEND cycle? LALOCK is perfect for security access from these systems, therein maintaining the integrity of the critical process.

MTCANIM v2.0 for Info Foundation v9/v10

Legacy 4GL (COBOL) animation in the Lawson/Info v9/10 foundation

MTCANIM brings back the beloved MicroFocus Animator for your Lawson/Infor v9/10 foundation/enviornments WITHOUT having to purchase the expensive ($5,500 MSRP USD) Micro Focus COBOL Desktop, nor use its 35-step cumbersome process to animate your 4GL COBOL Souce Code. Simple. Effective. Empower your Developers with this slick tool!


Products Prices and Support Costs

2016 Product and Support Pricing

Midwest Technologies Corporation Environment Integrated Products are offered at NO CHARGE (FREE) for ALL Infor clients running Lawson System Foundation v9/v10. MTCANIM is available at a flat rate charge of $9,500 (USD) per year (unlimited developer license).

Should your company require support, we offer a flat-rate $12,500 (US) per year, per product, support model. If all products are requiring a support agreement, the entire price is further reduced to a flat-rate of $20,000 (US) per year for all products.


Products Installation for Info Foundation v9/v10

Application Integrated Electronic Notification Solution


Contact Tom Francen with any questions.

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If you like our products, please provide your feedback to both us and your Infor/Lawson account representative ... it is our goal someday for these products to be infused into the Infor System Foundation architecture, and client feedback is the single most important mechanism we can use to facilitate this!